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5 Worst Customer Service Traits

I do hate to be negative, but when it comes to customer service, there are a few things that I find inexcusable.

1. Staff having a private conversation – with each other, or to someone on the phone. Customers there in person are more important than co-workers, friends, family – basically anyone else. They have made the effort to come in to your place of business; you should have the courtesy to greet them, see to their needs and wave them off into the sunset before discussing the office party.

2. Drawing smiley faces on receipts.

3. Incorrectly using the reflexive pronoun. It does seem to occur most frequently in customer-service exchanges. “Can we do anything else for yourself?” Can’t work out if they are trying to sound more clever than they (blatantly) are by using a longer word, or just genuinely think that is the right way to word their sentence. Infuriating.

4. Moany faces.

5. Poor adherence to appropriate dress code and/or uniform. It actually does make a difference, as customers will think you a) hate your job and b) have no respect for your employers, and also that you are a bit of a mess and therefore have a messy approach to your workplace responsibilities. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Smarten up.


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