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Need Help With Website Stuff?

As a (self-proclaimed) Marketing Guru, I am called upon to perform basic website editing duties in the office, as well as looking after the Facebook and Twitter. I often find myself scouring the web for useful sites giving quick tips, tutorials, help and cool stuff. So, a by no means exhaustive list follows:

The WC3 website is really the first place to go to get any HTML questions answered.
* Unbelievably helpful: Real-time HTML Editor, to see what the code you are typing will look like as a webpage. Genius!

* USEFUL – what colours you can use within HTML. Also, a list of safe fonts to use.

* A bit silly, but very cool – falling snowflakes Javascript code for your webpage, nice and festive.

* How to turn a PDF document into a book with turning pages. (zip file)

* PHPList – this is what we use for sending FREE eflyers to our contacts. Didn’t install it myself, lots of little issues and not the most user-friendly interface… but did you hear me say free?

* For those trying to optimise their website – find out what your customers are searching for with the Google keyword tool.

* Translation. Enough said really.

* Centering text and images. I must have found it tricky, as I have saved this in my favourite pages!

* Making a fab Facebook fanpage (might be out of date now) and using FBML to create a landing page for your Facebook mini-site. Not as hard as it seems.

* And check out Social Mention as a potential way to find out what people are saying about your company.

These are all sites that I have used myself, but I am not an actual expert… so feel free to leave comments as to what was good, rubbish or a wee bit helpful. And links to other useful places will be greatly appreciated as I continue on my educational journey through the web-development morass.

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