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Some Thoughts On Twitter

I have been reading quite a bit lately regarding how to use Twitter effectively as a business – useful blogs here and this one is OK too: As a result of this, I have taken some actions that I thought I would share with you.

1. I have completely removed the Automatic Direct Messages that would be sent to new Followers. Don’t know why we ever did that, now that I think about how impersonal – and ultimately fruitless – it is. I now send new followers a personalised tweet saying thanks. Much nicer.

2. I have gone through alllll the people we follow and deleted the ones which are taking up valuable space. It is a list I have inherited in my role, and perhaps these people seemed cool at one point… presumably a point before we hit the 2000 threshold. If you follow way more than follow you, you not only look sad, you also reach a limit when Twitter won’t let you follow any more. If this means you are missing out on relevant people to your industry, go back and get rid of the dead wood. (Sorry, that sounds a bit mean.)

3. I have also added all of my contacts to appropriate lists – which I think will be useful in the long term. This should mean I can “send” Tweets to people who will be most interested in them (theoretically), which is always good marketing chat. Again, time-consuming short-term!

4. I have had a look at our (massive) database of contacts – already neatly segmented – and started to go through them (starting with local businesses, but you might choose a different approach) making sure I am in some way socially connected with them. My preference in terms of B2B is definitely Twitter, hence the need to MAKE SPACE to make sure I am following all my top customers. Which I now am. Yippee!
On a side note: It does seem to be a good idea to have a list of “top customers” – people that you deal with regularly – and make sure you are keeping channels of communication open with them (in as many ways and formats as possible). And remember, communication is not just about talking, it’s about listening too!

Interestingly, I also received an eflyer with a link to this article on social media: which wasn’t particularly good at all. Ah well!

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