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The Facebook Timeline

Dun dun DUNNNN!! As of VERY SOON, everybody on Facebook (that’s people, not businesses/fan pages) will have to deal with change. The new Facebook timeline, which has been around for a while as an optional interface, will become the compulsory new look. It basically outlines your life in reverse chronological order, based of course on what you chose to put on Facebook and when, and looks like a neat technological scrapbook. While some are hating on this (slightly controversial, in terms of privacy) timeline-of-your-life concept, many (like me) are embracing the chance to play around with it. (And it isn’t that bad.)

(Clearly, as this is not yet the format for business pages, this is slightly off-topic in terms of marketing/communications unless you are a sole-trader using your personal page. However, it is not remotely unlikely that the same format will eventually be rolled out for all types of Faceyb page.) It is already being used for certain campaigns, such as this anti-drug campaign.

In terms of fun and design, the main new feature is that of the Cover Photo. This goes alongside your profile photo as shown:

Now Mr Zuckerberg hasn’t been particularly creative here. There are plenty of cool ways to make your profile photo and cover photo complement each other, interact with each other, and make you look like a right whizz.

So, for some inspiration, check out these blogs – creative examples at and

My favourites are:

aly moffatt Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples

louise lundberg Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples

antonio fadda Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples


jessica barnard Facebook Timeline Cover: 40 (Really) Creative Examples

(I did mine a bit like that one above, but not as good!)

How to do it?? Hmmm, well you could download beautiful ones, such as at Fookcover. Or use some web program to come up with something cool – Mashable has rated the best ways to do it. Or try yourself – using Photoshop or something like that…

What you might want to bear in mind:
* The banner-style cover photo is 851 x 315 pixels. Your profile photo, once they add the wee white border, is 315 x 315.
* You can choose or make an image larger than that and it will automatically shrink to that size when uploaded.
* If it is too large, you can drag it up and down to decide where it goes.
* The easiest way to work out where your profile picture fits into all of this may be to take a screen shot of a Facebook page and work from there.
* There are templates you can work with for Photoshop… but you are too smart for that, right?!


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